Sterilization Services

Hunan Yongling Medical Equipment Co., LTD. was established in 2014. The company is located in the south of Baishi West Road and the west of Ya 'ai Road, Xiangtan Economic Development District. It is a supporting project of Hunan Medical Device Industrial Park. Focusing on serving the medical device production of Hunan Medical Device Industrial Park, the company provides sterilization services for medical device products for enterprises settled in the park. Xiangtan National Economic and Technological Development Zone "three centers and five platforms" key project.

Sterilization scale 250m³: a total of 11 sterilization cabinets, including 1 60m³ sterilization cabinet, 3 30m³ sterilization cabinet, 4 20m³ sterilization cabinet 1 8m sterilization cabinet, and 2 6-cubic sterilization cabinet; Daily sterilization capacity can reach 500 cubic meters; Covers an area of 21000m², with a total area of 1000m² to be sterilized, 550m² to be sterilized, 1400m² for strong discharge analysis, 1000m² for natural analysis, 2000m² for gas room and finished product warehouse, 30m² for waste gas treatment area and 10m for dangerous waste storage room. 

Supporting laboratory: an area of 1200m square meters, the laboratory has physical experiments, chemical experiments, microbial experiments, including asepsis room, microbial room, positive control room for 10,000 level clean area, local up to 100 level. It has nearly 200 sets of inspection and testing equipment.