AED Series (OEM version)

An external defibrillator is an emergency device. When a patient goes into cardiac arrest due to certain fatal arrhythmias, such as ventricular fibrillation, an external defibrillator delivers an electric shock to correct the arrhythmia.

During the shock, the defibrillator transmits a strong electrical pulse to the patient's heart muscle, which is the process of defibrillation.

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Features of AED Series (OEM version)

Save lives, care for the heart

Biphase truncated exponential wave

AED series adopts biphase truncated exponential wave technology, waveform parameters can be automatically compensated according to patient impedance, effectively improving the success rate of defibrillation. The maximum energy reaches 360J, covering a wider range of personnel, and cherishing the life of each beneficiary.


The golden time for cardiac arrest (SCA) is only 4 minutes.

Four to six minutes after cardiac arrest, irreversible damage to brain cells will occur.

If CPR is performed within 1 minute, AED is performed within 3 to 5 minutes

It can improve the survival rate of cardiac arrest patients to 50% to 70%


  • Suitable for automatic external defibrillation in adults and children

  • Can be equipped with 7 inch color screen

  • Open the cover to turn on, charge to 200J in 5 seconds, quick first aid

  • Clear color animation and voice guidance

  • Real-time blood oxygen monitoring, feedback patients oxygen supply recovery status

  • CPR assisted compression guidance

  • High quality durable battery, 5 years long standby use

  • Large capacity battery, up to 300 times 200J energy defibrillation, or 200 times 360J energy defibrillation

  • Bluetooth and NB-loT Internet of Things technology



Division by model

AED B Series models :AED B10, AED B100

AED D Series models: AED D10,AED D100

E series models :E10, E100


Division by configuration

Basic models :AED B10, AED D10, E10 Enhanced models :AED B100, AED D100, E100


Size: Length 262mm * width 250mm * thickness 100mm;

Weight: Host weight not more than 2.7kg (including battery)






AED B100

AED D100


Display screen




Extension interface







Mode switch



Upper cover

Transparent upper cover

Translucent upper cover


Transparent upper cover

Translucent upper cover


Appearance color

Yellowish grey

Yellowish grey

Yellow and white

Yellowish grey

Yellowish grey

Yellow and white

Note: √ indicates yes, × indicates no, and △ indicates optional parameter or configuration



Materials of AED Series (OEM version)

Product structure and composition:

The product consists of a host, a disposable battery (model :LB2462), and a defibrillator electrode (model :LP-D001, LP-D002).


Applications of AED Series (OEM version)


The product can provide voice/animation guidance for cardiopulmonary resuscitation and prompt the user to perform external defibrillation treatment. It is used to treat patients with suspected cardiac arrest who are unresponsive, non-breathing or abnormal breathing and have no signs of circulation. The adult defibrillation electrode is suitable for patients over 8 years old and weighing 25kg. The pediatric defibrillator electrode is suitable for patients over 1 year and under 8 years of age or weighing less than 25kg. The product should be used in public or medical Settings by a qualified person trained in the use of cardiopulmonary resuscitation and automatic external defibrillator, or by a qualified medical worker trained in basic life support and advanced life support courses, or under the guidance of an emergency center dispatcher.


Instruction of AED Series (OEM version)

Intelligent operation guidance
Intelligent operation guidance
Voice prompts and animation guidance

Real-time voice prompts are provided for each step of the operation, and clear animations are displayed simultaneously to improve the accuracy of the operation


CPR cardiopulmonary resuscitation auxiliary press guide Press mode: 30:2, 15:2, only press

Combined with voice prompts and animation guidance, even non-professionals can perform efficient cardiopulmonary resuscitation according to the prompts and improve the survival rate

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