Steam Eye Mask

Willcome steam eye mask contains pure cotton, medical fabric craft and elastic cotton material, comfortable and skin-friendly for your eyes. Steam Eye Masks is greatly helpful to relieve your dry eyes & eye fatigue, this steam eye mask for dry eyes will moisturize your eye, improve your sleep quality, reduce dry puffy eyes, and dark circles. Gentle Light lavender warming eye patch makes you more relaxed while enjoying this eye steam mask.

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Features of Steam Eye Mask

Features of Steam Eye Mask

  • Selected non-woven fabric comfort non-irritating soft skin upgrade application experience;

  • This steam eye mask with  Elastic Ear Hook, can be stretched from 13inch to 20.5inch, stretch the ear hook before using, it can make the ear hook loose.

  • Precise temperature control to avoid burning, no damage to the skin around the eyes to enjoy a comfortable hot compress lasting 30 minutes;

  • Plant essential oil added, fragrant smell is refreshing, relax tight mood, relieve physical and mental fatigue;

  • Sealed independent packaging, easy to carry the packaging tight air leakage, can be used with confidence;

  • This disposable eye steam mask for dry eye mask, using self-heating tech, lavender fragrance eye mask, you can choose to use with eye creams. The eye compress for dry eyes can let the serum quickly soaks into the skin, hydrating the eye area, making it smoother, tighter skin. Great gifts for women in dark eyes circle treatment. Also fit for the people long periods of screen use and others, a beauty gifts for women.

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Materials of Steam Eye Mask

Materials of Steam Eye Mask

  • Main ingredients: Selected non-woven fabric, activated carbon, absorbent resin and other heating matrix, essential oil.


Application of Steam Eye Mask

Suitable for People
Suitable for People

Men and women, long-term use of computers, mobile phones and other eye fatigue


Instruction of Steam Eye Mask

Step One
Step One

1. Take the folded hot compress eye mask out of the bag and unfold it. After taking it out, it will start to heat up. Please use it immediately after opening:

2. Please contact the white of the eye mask with the eye, open the non-woven ear band and put it on. 

3, please close your eyes during use, the temperature drop means the end of use time.

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