Disposable Sterile Obstetric Kit

WILLCOME Disposable sterile obstetric kit is a pre-packaged set of medical supplies and equipment designed for use during childbirth and obstetric procedures. These kits are intended to provide healthcare professionals with the essential tools and materials needed to ensure a clean, safe, and sterile environment for both the mother and the newborn.

Disposable sterile obstetric kits are designed to ensure that all necessary supplies are readily available, reduce the risk of infection, and save time in preparing for obstetric procedures. They are particularly important in emergency situations and in resource-limited healthcare settings where access to sterile equipment may be limited. The contents of the kit should be used in accordance with established clinical protocols and guidelines to ensure the safety and well-being of both the mother and the newborn.

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Features of Disposable Sterile Obstetric Kit

Features of Disposable Sterile Obstetric Kit

  • Sterility: The most crucial feature is the sterility of all components within the kit. Every item is carefully sterilized and individually sealed to prevent contamination and reduce the risk of infection during childbirth or obstetric procedures.

  • Complete Set: These kits contain a comprehensive set of sterile instruments and supplies needed for obstetric and gynecological procedures, ensuring that healthcare providers have all the necessary tools at hand.

  • Ease of Use: Disposable Sterile Obstetric Kits are designed for ease of use, with clearly labeled components and organized packaging to streamline the procedure and save time.

  • Single-Use: All components within the kit are for single-use only, which helps prevent cross-contamination and ensures that each procedure starts with completely sterile equipment.

  • Quality Materials: The components are typically made from medical-grade materials that meet safety and hygiene standards, such as latex-free gloves and non-woven fabric for drapes and gowns.

  • Variety of Components: Kits may include a variety of components such as sterile drapes, sterile gloves, sterile gowns, obstetric forceps, scissors, cord clamps, swabs, sponges, cord drapes, absorbent underpads, syringes, needles, plastic bags, and label or identification tags.

  • Safety: The sterile gloves and gowns in the kit provide protection to healthcare professionals during procedures, minimizing the risk of exposure to bodily fluids and potential infections.

  • Patient Comfort: Kits often contain items that contribute to patient comfort and hygiene, such as absorbent underpads to protect bedding and plastic bags for waste disposal.

  • Convenience: The kits are pre-packaged for convenience, allowing healthcare providers to focus on patient care rather than gathering and sterilizing individual components.

  • Compliance: Disposable Sterile Obstetric Kits are designed to comply with medical and healthcare standards, ensuring that they meet safety and quality requirements.

  • Waste Management: Kits may include components for proper waste disposal, such as plastic bags for biohazardous waste.

  • Identification: Some kits come with identification tags or labels to help healthcare providers label cord blood or for other medical purposes.

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Product nameDisposable sterile vaginal delivery surgery pack
TypeMedical materials & accessories
MaterialSMS, SMMS and etc.
Physical testHydro-static pressure test & tensile test
ApplicationObstetrics surgery room
MOQ3000 packs
PackagingEO sterile package, 1 pack/bag, 10 packs/carton or customized
Carton Size50*40* 30cm
Storage conditionDry and cool area, avoid direct sunlight
Expiry date2 years
Production abliti200,000 packs per month
Delivery time20-35 days workdays after receipt of 100% payment

Fitting NameSize(cm)QuantityMaterial
Hand tower40*402pcsSpun-lace
Hip drape200* 300cm1pcsSMS
Reinforced surgical gownL1pcsSMS
Leggings75* 1 20cm2pcs/
Instrument table cover100* 150cm1pcsPP+PE
Baby wrapper75*90cm4pcsSMS
Side drape75*901pcsSMS
Gauze7.5*7.5cm10pcsCotton gauze
Wrapping cloth100* 1001pcsPP+PE

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Materials of Disposable Sterile Obstetric Kit

Materials of Disposable Sterile Obstetric Kit

  • Sterile Drapes: Sterile disposable drapes made of non-woven fabric or other sterile materials are included to create a sterile field during the procedure and prevent contamination.

  • Sterile Gloves: Disposable sterile gloves, often made of latex, nitrile, or vinyl, are provided to ensure the safety and hygiene of healthcare providers during the procedure.

  • Sterile Gowns: Disposable sterile gowns made from non-woven materials are included to provide protection to healthcare professionals while maintaining a sterile environment.

  • Obstetric Forceps: Sterile obstetric forceps are included to assist in the safe delivery of the baby during childbirth.

  • Sterile Scissors: Sterile scissors are provided for cutting the umbilical cord after the baby's birth.

  • Sterile Cord Clamps: These clamps are used to secure the umbilical cord before cutting it.

  • Sterile Swabs: Sterile swabs, typically made of cotton or other absorbent materials, may be included for cleaning and disinfecting.

  • Sterile Sponges: Sterile sponges or gauze pads are often included for wound care and cleaning.

  • Cord Drape: A sterile cord drape may be included to cover and protect the baby's cord during the delivery.

  • Plastic Bags: Sterile plastic bags may be included for the safe disposal of medical waste.

  • Absorbent Underpads: Disposable sterile absorbent underpads, often made of absorbent materials and a waterproof backing, are provided to protect bedding and surfaces.

  • Syringes and Needles: Sterile syringes and needles may be included for specific medical procedures or injections.

  • Label or Identification Tags: Identification tags may be included to label the baby's cord blood or for other medical purposes.

  • Instructions: Some Disposable Sterile Obstetric Kits come with instructions or guidelines for proper use and disposal.

  • Packaging: The kit is usually packaged in a sterile pouch or container to maintain sterility until it is opened for use.


Applications of Disposable Sterile Obstetric Kit


Childbirth, Obstetric Procedures, Home Births, Hospital Deliveries, Medical Clinics, Remote or Low-Resource Settings, Obstetric Training, Research and Clinical Trials, Research and Clinical Trials, International Aid and Humanitarian Missions, Midwifery Practices

Obstetric Procedures
Obstetric Procedures

Obstetric kits are commonly used in hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities for various obstetric procedures, including vaginal deliveries, cesarean sections, and postpartum care.


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