Yongling Medical Investment and Construction Project under Zhenheyikang Medical Group - Hunan Medical Device Industrial Park Sterilization and Testing Center


The Hunan Medical Device Industrial Park Sterilization and Testing Center project is invested and constructed by Yongling Medical, a subsidiary of Zhenheyikang Medical Group. It is located at No. 13 Yaai Road, Xiangtan Economic and Technological Development Zone, with a total investment of 300 million yuan and an area of 31 acres. , is a key project of the "Three Centers and Five Platforms" of the Hunan Medical Device Industrial Park. The first phase of the project was successfully completed and accepted in early May 2023. The sterilization center and testing center have now settled in the park to start business.



The successful capping of the second phase marks the further deepening of the engine strategy of Zhenheyikang Medical Group's three centers (CDMO center, testing center, and sterilization center), accelerating the establishment of a service platform for the medical device industry in Hunan Province.

1. CDMO Center

The CDMO R&D center focuses on active and passive sterile medical devices and provides registrants with customized product development services. At present, it has signed 34 product and service cooperation agreements with more than 20 companies, and currently develops disposable bronchoscopes, visual laryngoscopes, etc.

2.Testing center

The testing center passed CMA certification in 2021 and is applying for CNAS certification simultaneously. It is now equipped with nearly 200 sets of testing equipment such as gas chromatographs, mold incubators, biochemical incubators, non woven fabric tensile testing machine, and fabric water permeability testers to conduct inspections and tests on medical device product performance, air, environment, water, etc.

3. Sterilization center

The sterilization center has passed the international TUV Lane ISO11135 quality system certification and complies with the latest international parameter release standards. There are currently 14 sets of sterilization cabinets with an annual sterilization capacity of up to 320,000 cubic meters. It is one of the few institutions in Hunan Province that provides both sterilization services and sterilization verification services.



Zhenheyikang Medical Group has specialized in the production of medical consumables for 20 years, contributing technological innovation to people's health and medical development. In the future, Zhenheyikang will adhere to the corporate philosophy of "focus on expertise and win trust", continuously improve the technological content of products, improve scale output efficiency, actively promote the industrial park and cooperative enterprises to become bigger, stronger and better.

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