Iodophor Cotton Bubs

Willcome iodophor cotton swabcontained about 0.45%~0.5% povidone iodine solution and plastic stick,Disposable medical iodine swab, individually packed, safe and hygienic, easy to carry.Quickly clean the wound,and plastic stick. The iodophor cotton swab has little irritation to the skin and is safe and simple to use.Choose soft cotton, soft to the touch, full of elasticity, soft skin, not easy to fall off.Store in a dry and ventilated environment away from direct sunlight. Keep out of reach of children.

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Features of Iodophor Cotton Swab

Features of Iodophor Cotton  Swab

  • Cotton swabs consist of iodophor cotton swabs and plastic rods. Iodophor swabs are gentle on the skin and are safe and easy to use. Choose soft cotton that feels soft, elastic, and has a soft skin that won't fall off easily.

  • Quickly clean wounds, sterilize, prevent wound infections, and reduce pain and itching in wounds.

  • Individual packaging: convenient packaging, no waste, clean and hygienic, easy to carry on outdoor travel, you can take it with you.

  • Compact size and lightweight design make them easy to store in first aid kits, purses, backpacks, and pockets, ensuring you always have them within reach.

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Materials of Iodophor Cotton Swab

Materials of Iodophor Cotton Swab

  • 100% cotton

  • The effective iodine content of iodophor solution used in iodophor cotton should be 2g/L-10g/L


Applications of Iodophor Cotton Swab

Usage Scenario
Usage Scenario

Used in clinical disinfection of intact skin

Usage Scenario: Daily home, sports, travel, baby belly button cleaning, pre-injection skin cleaning, available for adults, children and pets, this makes life very convenient.

Independent Packing
Independent Packing

Independent packing: convenient packing, no waste, clean and hygienic, avoid cross infection, easy to carry in outdoor travel

Use at any time: when you are injured during outdoor travel, take out a cotton swab and break off the location of the color ring and apply it on the wound to avoid infection.


Instruction of Iodophor Cotton Swab

Step One
Step One

Step1: Push out the end of the cotton swab color ring along the film

Step2: Break a rubber hose along the color ring

Step3: Leave the liquid in the tube until the cotton tip at the bottom of the tube

Step4: Gently wipe the wound and surrounding skin

Caution:Do not use this product for people who are allergic to it. Do not let children use it alone. Do not touch eyes or insert ear canal

Step Two
Step Two
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